Our first generation, Mehmet Emin Eroğlu, who immigrated to Aksaray from Yağmurhüyuğu village of Şereflikoçhisar in 1960, started to work in sectors such as real estate and construction in 1967, and in 1985, his son Burhanettin Eroğlu started to concentrate on the construction sector. In addition to this, we started mining activities in Aksaray with a decision made in 1991. After 1991, we started to focus on public-private road construction, material supply, infrastructure-superstructure construction works together with mining works, paving the way for the establishment of Emin Construction Inc. established in 1993, Emin Construction Inc. continues to grow by adding ready-mixed concrete facilities in 2004. Currently, our company is managed jointly by the second and third generations.

    Our wide machine network, our production power and our customer satisfaction-based work, we always stand behind our commitments and our financial power have enabled us to establish a trust-based structure. We always do our job with passion. The fact that we work with a human focus and do long-term and stable works with our human resources gives us strength. As company managers, we are happy that we have personnel who have worked with the first generation and still continue to work.

    Since 2010, we have been taking part in large international projects. We are proud to be one of the limited companies in Turkey, where large Chinese companies such as ACRE, TCC and CAMCE trust and work together. Some of the projects we have completed and are continuing; Tuz Gölü Underground Natural Gas Storage Project, İsdemir Project and BOTAŞ Ciner Kazan Soda Electricity Project. In addition, we have been the tax record holder in Aksaray province one after the other, and our group companies are also in the top 10 in the list of tax record holders every year.

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    Emin Construction Inc.

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    Turgay EROĞLU

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